"Do you ever go into a fight thinking 'There's no point giving my best, I'll get another chance later?' We only ever get one shot, Marlin. Life is one shot! Making it count is all that matters!" - Skold Greypelt, Lone Wolves - Graphic Novel, Dan Abnett & Karl Richardson

martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014

[ENG] Hunter, part II


The planet called Saharus II has a very hot weather; all around the planet was sand, sun and heat, and underground mining. The high temperatures of the planet were an effect of the planet closeness to its own system sun; of course these conditions were too aggressive for allowing many life forms but, were the ideal for the formation and concentration of different types of minerals.

Life must be very fierce for surviving Saharus II and the proof was the Red Chameleon, a very large aggressive reptile that lived only Saharus II, the most ferocious predator at the planet. Even with the arrive of the Empire of Man, the beasts still hold the title. Some mining colonies suddenly disappear from one day to another; destroyed machines, collapsed tunnels and blood everywhere without even one corpse, were the traces that the Red Chameleon –or Red Drake as locals called it– left by the beast. 

At the beginning of the colonization of Saharus II, the reported cases of Red Chameleon attacks were very sporadic, first years used in the construction of the mining facilities were hot but no more; the first reported case were one year after the construction of the mining facilities, a facility were destroyed. No survivors as any corpse were found. Only blood, destroyed machines and collapsed tunnels. Some claw marks alerted the planet Governor and he ordered to deploy one entire regiment under the tunnels of the mine, searching the cause of the accident and the origin of the marks.

Only one returned alive. His mind was in shock, his mouth only repeat the word monster.

The attacks increased during the next months and finally the security cameras recorded the responsible of the attacks. Large reptilian forms that camouflage with the environment; only in what record the reptilian was photographed in it’s natural shape and color: a red charmeleon, so that’s the name. Even when at least a little one were finally chased by on regiment, loses were too much so a solution was needed. The planet was part of a System under the protection of the Space Wolves but they tried to ask help to another Astra Militarum regiment but a ship of the wolves received the signal and answered.

It was the Sons of Morkai principal vessel so Erik Morkai arrived personally to the planet. The only answer that the Governor received through the vox communication system was:

+Let the wolves hunt. +

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