"Do you ever go into a fight thinking 'There's no point giving my best, I'll get another chance later?' We only ever get one shot, Marlin. Life is one shot! Making it count is all that matters!" - Skold Greypelt, Lone Wolves - Graphic Novel, Dan Abnett & Karl Richardson

miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

[ENG] Wolves vs Wolves (Battle Report)

Well, here it is; my first Battle Report.

I was enjoying the first match of my minis (last matches were with borrowed minis) and didn't take many photos but get a lot of reflexions and experience. But I'm still a Blood Claw, hahahaha.

Well, we know that all of we like wolves so we get a battle of wolves versus wolves so we can wolf, no matters who wins! Hahahaha.

We both play list for about 1000 points. My friend -and sensei- list was some kind of (sorry, I don´t remember exactly):

Wolf Priest, Runic armour with Jump Pack, Wulfen Stone (War Lord)
Rune Priest with Runic armour, ML-2 (Biomancy Discipline)

GH x10
GH x10, Flmr

Skyclaws x10, Flmr x2
Land Speeder

Long Fangs x5, Heavy Bolter x4

The Wolf Priest was with the Skyclaws and the Rune Priest on his own. He obtained Saga of the Bear, I think.

My list was, sorry it would be mistakes for the lack of notes, some kind of the following:

Harald Deathwolf, FW x2
Rune Priest, RA, Power Sword, ML-2 and Tempestas Discipline.

GH, x6, Plasma Gun, Plasma Pistol, WS, WGPL Plasma Pistol
GH, x6, Plasma Gun, Power Weapon, WGPL Power Weapon

TWC x5, SS, CCW x3, FS x1

I promise that next sagas will be documented... for Russ!

He started and I fail to seize the initiative, all Skyclaws and the Wolf Priest were held in reserve. All the other wolfs were deployed ready for the strike. The Long Fangs were up in a ruin so they control a very nice view...

Initial deployment

My deploment were more simple, Grey Hunters trying to take advantage of the ruins over here and all my cavalry trying to get through the "emptiest" corridor.

First Turn. He capture the two objectives over his part of the table, a few shots from the long fangs and moving of all his grey hunters.

For me, capturing the two objectives and start moving! During the Psychic phase I learned how it was supposed to be! Too much learning and not much action.

First Error: Harald must be in front if there are some
flamers ahead...

Second Turn. More fire from the Long Fangs! The Skyclaws entered game near the TWC; his landspeeder cross the field for trying to start hitting my GH. The Hunters at his left side continue moving. 

For me, I try to move my RP in range for reaching the Long Fangs or even the Land Speeder but... f**k you deny the witch! hahahaha. Hunters fire against the Land Speeder. TWC continue advancing (During my friends turn the TCPL suffers one wound).

Third Turn. Landspeedr moves back to my GH and tried to kill them without success; GH cross the ruined terrain and began shooting against my GH, Long Fangs transformed one of my GH packs in a Lone Wolf but without the stats...

And a wild Land Speeder appears! What will you dou?
Plasma, I choose you!

Well after suffering some casualities, my RP finally succeds in using his powers and kill some units of the GH that are almost infront of him. The Grey Hunters did a counter-attack to the Land Speeder and finally destroy it with a lot of plasma fire at 1" of distance... yeah, nice aim! 

ARGH! We did it!

And the part that I was waiting for: the charge of the Thunderwolf Cavalry!

Have you ever seen a more wolf-scene than this?
Fourth Turn. Sandwich turn, just see the next image:

First sandwich courtesy of the Skyclaws,
Second one courtesy of Harald.

I looked like I was going to end very overwhelmed but... For Russ! Harald Deathwolf rides Thunderwolves for one good reason:

Harald took revenge of the fallen Cavalry
and started to kill everything!

Well At Fifth we dice for ending. Harald Killed almost everything over there, only a few Skyclaws survived but in the other side I lose a pair of GH and the one-GH unit. My RP resisted with only one wound.

The score:

My friend's Wolves: 4 (3 obj secured, first blood)
My Harald's Company: 2 (1 obj secured, slay the warlord) 

For a few inches I failed one objective secured and for a few more (in the other side of the table) Harald didn't get to the enemy side of the table (a draw could be better but not as useful as this lost match, because that inches could only be product of the casuality).

What had I learn? Well, first of all: To know my army. Second: Don't miss the objectives! Third: Don't be affraid, versus Infantry Harald is awesome!

Next Sunday I'll be playing with more people so I hope to do it better, as a Wolf Lord (or at least as a Grey Hunter 'cause as BC I do it very well.. ) and also as a Skjald, until then... remember Prospero and Vlka Fenryka!

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