"Do you ever go into a fight thinking 'There's no point giving my best, I'll get another chance later?' We only ever get one shot, Marlin. Life is one shot! Making it count is all that matters!" - Skold Greypelt, Lone Wolves - Graphic Novel, Dan Abnett & Karl Richardson

lunes, 28 de julio de 2014

[ENG] A Lone Wolf’s Oath, part 2 (Fanfiction)

Second and last part of the history. Hope you like it and wait for the miniature photographs, this week.

Today WD was leaked and the only thing I can say is: "The time for the wolf is here..."

A Lone Wolf’s Oath, part 2

A big wave of dark energy emerged from the sorcerer – silence and then a shocking shout. Vägui was thrown more than 10 feet back. He was taken near the entrance of the white forest. His inner Astartes mechanism started to work and in just few seconds the pain was gone. Maybe a little fracture at his collarbone or some kind of bone lesion in other part of his back but nothing of this seemed to be a care for him. His inner beast wanted to get out. This was nothing compared with his inner pain, with the broken honor that turn him into a Lone Wolf.

They descend to one of uncommunicated planet mining complex, in the middle of a common snow storm.
‘This stinks of sorcery, little whelps’ said Armin. ‘It’s nice that your nose still function,’ answered a joking Hidjard, ‘but it is not a very good demonstration if you look at the walls.’ Fili and Armin break in laughs but the whelps, maybe for respecting Armin or maybe for defying Hidjard stayed in silence; whatever the case was, the reality and the facts were there. The complex walls had multiples big holes; it looked like if some kind of beam –or monster– broke through the walls multiple times, or maybe multiple monsters only once.

‘Stop!’ shouted Rigdorgar and all the pack was stopped short.  The pack was one, a unit, a brotherhood where everyone take care of the other and for himself; work for pack, fight for the pack, die for the pack. Vägui was the first to smell the strange scent. He tried to look across the deep storm but, even for an Astartes, it was very difficult. The scent came from all around like if it was everywhere.

Three giant monsters appear, emerging from the snow like if there were no storm.

Without hesitation the three giant Ice Dracos attacked the pack. The melta guns opened fire and the head of the first monster that dared to attack, turned into a dough mess of scales, flesh and bones.

‘For Russ!’ Hidjard shouted and then unsheathed his weapon, reflexively all the Blood Claws unsheathed their weapons and charged the remaining monsters. Ice Draco’s snout was as big as a Venerable Dreadnaught; the size of the autochthon beast was almost like a Thunderhawk ship but even with that size, its movements were deadly accurate. Suddenly, that accuracy became mortal, one of the beasts impale a blood claw with his pointy tail; nobody had noticed that sharp tail until it was too late.

Angir break in berserk and the wulfen inside him awoke. Vägui instantly noticed the change in his eyes and tried to calm him but Angir break in a rampage of rage and with only his combat knife jumped directly against the Ice Draco’s snout. Shouting a war cry that was heard across the mountains, but without notice the beast’s snout exploded, and Angir with it.

‘Melta bomb!’ shouted Armin.

‘Take cover!’ shouted Hidjard while we tried to run over the dead body of the first killed Ice Draco. ‘A damned ambush!’

Bolts rain into the pack. In front Vägui’s eyes, Fili died perforated by the heavy rain of bolts, some parts of his body explode instantly and all his blood bath Vägui’s face. Another Blood Claw fell during the running for cover.  Vowing vengeance against the enemy Vägui’s only action was to run. Trying to reach the corpse of the Ice Draco, where the rest of the pack was taking cover, he started to feel the sensation of an earthwake, seconds later the sound of a succession of underground explosions flooded his body.

‘Run whelp!’ were the last words that the skald shouted to Vägui or maybe the last ones he could heard. A big explosion just under the pack shook all the earth and everything rumbled into the deep tunnels of the adjacent mine. Vägui had just managed to sustain himself from a rock, near the crater of the explosion; under him all was fire and debris. He had lost his weapons during the explosion, only the holster of his bolt pistol remained around his leg.

‘You fool dog of the false emperor…’ said a voice above him, instantly Vägui looked up.

‘Traitor scum!’ shouted a wrathful Vägui. With all his forces, he tried to climb for bringing the punishment of the All-father to the traitor.

‘Nice,’ said the traitor. ‘The dog still tries to bite, so rabid…’

The Chaos Space Marine pointed his weapon to Vägui’s face. ‘Give my greetings to your false-emperor…’ he was pulling the trigger slowly, enjoying the moment. But just at the moment when he pulled the trigger, an Ice Draco came out from its hiding shaking the weak foundations and earth trembled again. The bolt became lost into the hole and Vägui fell with it to the inner of the ruined mine.

Vägui woke up between rubbles covered by snow, alone. He tried to wake up but a big block of rumble was above his legs. He sharpened his senses searching for any trace of chaos but the smell of taint was not present on the air. He tried to remember how many hours happened between the fall and now, but his mind was focused on restoring his body more than his memories; the only thing that he remembered was the fall.
After a time, he pushed with all his strength the block at his legs and finally his legs reach some freedom. Just seconds after checking that everything was fine, he started to search for his pack.

After the sudden attack, the sorcerer teleports himself in front of him smiting his power maul. ‘You will really die now!’ Shouted the Chaos Marine.

Vägui turned to his side, rolling to the left and leaning his weight with one of his hand, pushing up to get up in a single jump.  He feels a tree root under his feet and quickly gives a look to his position; they were entering the white forest. Without hesitation the sorcerer teleports again and starts an aggressive attack. ‘Are you feeling lost? I can see you have started to feel surrounded; you have no chances against the powerful aid of my god masters. I will not fail against you!’

He dodges to his left and then to his right. One attack came and he evade with a big step to the right. The sorcerer teleported again and with an upper smite tried to reach the weak defense spot of him. Vägui evades again, turning to the other side and letting the smite finishes in one of the old white trees that gives the name to the forest. The sorcerer attacked him in a full front charge raising his power maul with his two hands and, in that instant, Vägui noticed the evil mouth was moving without saying any words. He counts in his mind: one, two and three…

He makes one step for charge against too but when all his body weight was going on, he twisted his foot, then his whip and with the dashing of his left feet he completed the turn around. The sorcerer teleported to his doom, he appears just in the moment to get stabbed by the blue sharply power sword.

‘Ho…how…you scum…’ the Chaos Sorcerer stammered.

‘You think you were fighting a dog, stupid treacherous being.’ Finally the silence was broken. He got closer to his enemy face, griped his neck with one hand and his armor with the other. ‘But you were fighting a wolf, a true son of Russ!’ 

Vägui ripped off the evil head from the treacherous body in a splash of dark blood, letting the air and his armor chest to be besmirched with the spot of the final, then a loudly howl came out directly from his inner beast, the oath was completed and the revenge was taken, all the chaos servants in the planet have been vanquished, the hunt was finished. He took out his sword from the evil corpse and cleaned it with a strong movement. He saw the sword in the same way when he recovered it between the rumbles, the moment before he buried Rigdorgar, and then he felt his cut braid, the one that he cut off above the improvised tomb. He cut it without hesitation with the only idea of having a token of his oath; the large pair of braids will never be equal, like his life. He saw up into the sky, through the grey clouds. He asked for forgiveness to Angir, for strength to Hidjard and for wisdom to Armin, with the blessing of Russ and the All-father, he will never this to happen again.

He took a handful of snow and passed it along the blade, washing all the corrupted blood of his enemies. He put it into the scabbard and then he started to walk, he needed to send a message; he needed to tell that the lone wolf’s oath had been consummated.

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