"Do you ever go into a fight thinking 'There's no point giving my best, I'll get another chance later?' We only ever get one shot, Marlin. Life is one shot! Making it count is all that matters!" - Skold Greypelt, Lone Wolves - Graphic Novel, Dan Abnett & Karl Richardson

miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

[ENG] A Lone Wolf’s Oath, part 1 (Fanfiction)

Greetings to all of you, my estimated readers!

I bring to you, the first part of the saga of one of my miniature characters for my Space Wolves Army, his name is Vägui and also has a real background history. 

My wife and I picked up - I don't know if it's the correct verb for the action- a dog from the streets, a poorly french poodle that was not very healthy and was asking for home (new or the one that he belonged to). We kept it for a pair of weeks until we found him a new home, now he enjoys with his new family and I hope he will live many happy years. The name of "Vagui" cames from the spanish word "vagabundo", so we started calling him like that in a display of affection. So, in his -alive- memory, I called one of my characters like him but with a "fenryka" style: Vägui. 

The actual model is almost finished so, before "revealing" the figure, let me introduce you into the story of A lone wolf's oath...

He is in guard, his hips looking at the enemy in front of him, the perfect distance between his feet, like when practicing at the training hall. His hands were holding the Power Sword up in his right side at the height of his head, like one of the horns of the bull; the sharply blue tip of his sword looking the opponent in front of him. His breaths are silently, almost imperceptible for a normal human. He is waiting, patiently waiting for the moment of the feint. 

In the perfect moment, he makes a step backwards diagonally to his left. 

‘Fool wolf,’ said the Chaos Sorcerer, ‘you have failed.’

The Chaos Marine in front of him charges throwing a sword thrust to take advantage of the exposed side but when the sword rises, Vägui steps backwards again but now for the opposite side and with a twist of his wrists and arms he draws an imaginary circle with his sword and the attackers hand was cut off. With the inertia of the movement he twists again his wrists and makes a horizontal slash for taking now the head.

With an evil battle cry, the other Chaos Space Marine thrusts forward with his sword. Another diagonally steps to his left and then a thrust. Unlike the Evil blade that just skims around his head, he pulls into the enemy throat. He pushes the fallen one with a kick and takes off his sword from the enemy throat in a splash of black chaos blood.

‘Stupid dog of the false-emperor!’ Shouted the Chaos Sorcerer. ‘Prepare to die!’

Since he became a Sky Warrior, he has been prepared to die. His life was only focused on killing all the enemies of the All-father. In the name of Russ, all xenos scum and traitor menace should be eradicated. Since he became a Space Wolf there were only war; Ale with story-tellers, at the end of course, always implicit. And the last pack mission supposed to be an ordinary one, with a lot of ale when they returned to Fenris, but that didn’t happen. The toast and the stories never befell after the mission. Vägui’s pack never came back to Fenris.

At the cold world of Princa, they found only death.

Princa was a small world with a long path around his red sun. The dying sun and the very long orbit were the primary factors for the weather on Princa. Constant snow storms were always seen around the entire planet. Big ice reptiles –also called Ice dracos- were the principal predator of the planet, until humans arrived. Even with the awful weather and such a dangerous fauna, Princa was a valuable planet for the Emperium, inside the strong layers of rock, there was a lot of minerals and metals waiting for being exploited.  
The conditions of the planet only allow constructing big facilities to harbor only the mines complex. The first settlements of people were easily lost to the weather or the big predators so the option was to settle the cities at the moons. Princa I and Princa II were easily settle with big pressurized hive cities with artificial atmosphere and gravity. Hundreds of transports bring miners to the complex and after exhausting complete workdays, they return to the moons for one or two days of relaxing. Everything was normal until the communication with one of the mining facilities at the extreme south pole of the planet lost contact with the central. A convoy of Shock Troopers with a few workers was sent and never came back and after that, another mining complex was lost. The only report that was sent, before the collapse of the communications system, to the central was an explosion at the inner levels. 

Princa was under the protection of the Space Wolves, and the planet was under the protection of Harald Deathwolf’s Company. The governor asked for the chapter’s help until there was only one remaining mining complex working; there is nothing I can do, he said in the help message.  

Rigdorgar’s pack was sent immediately. Vägui was part of the pack since he was a Blood Claw, now as a Grey Hunter and many years of experience, he taught the new whelps of the pack all the knowledge Rigdorgar’s taught him decades ago. Besides Rigdorgar and Vägui, the pack was compound by other four Grey Hunters, Fili, Armin, Ragnar and Hidjard; the eldest one was Armin, the skald of the pack, with a voice as loud as his burps. Fili and Ragnar have the honour of carrying the specialist weapons, two melta guns with a lot of history. Hidjard was the strongest of the grey hunters and for him was the honor of carrying the Wolf Standard of the Company. Five Blood Claws were the complement of the pack, they were fresh meat. For four of them, this was their first mission, for Angir –the fifth blood claw- was his second.

Angir was under supervision of Vägui. He has the mark of the wulfen; in the last mission, the first one for Angir, he broke in madness during the battle. Only Harald’s personal Wolf Priest,  Arnbjörg, could calm him and bring him conscience out, hiding the inner beast inside the deep mind of Angir. ‘Take care of him’ said Arnbjörg to Vägui.

But at the end, he couldn’t do it correctly. Not only for Angir, but for all the pack.

[It will continue...]

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