"Do you ever go into a fight thinking 'There's no point giving my best, I'll get another chance later?' We only ever get one shot, Marlin. Life is one shot! Making it count is all that matters!" - Skold Greypelt, Lone Wolves - Graphic Novel, Dan Abnett & Karl Richardson

viernes, 2 de enero de 2015

[ENG] Hunter, part V

Well, finally "Hunter" comes to the end. The new year started and there will be more stories of the space wolves. There are many projects in my mind and many drafts in my computer so there will be much more Space Wolves here. I would play more often and upload more photographs of my army so any comments will be welcome.

Vlka Fenryka and Happy New Year!

He saw the aperture and then he pulled the trigger.

While the solid shell travelled across the defined but invisible rout to his prey, Örnen remembered again; the moment when for first time he analyzed the trajectory and only fired one shell.

When he was at Saharus II, his pack followed the track of the biggest red chameleon recorded by the security system of the mining world. For a pair of days, they get inside a mining tunnel chasing their prey.

Some red chameleons were found but they were small compared with the track they were following. But at the sunset of the third day, they reach the outside again and they find the beast, waiting for them between the sandstorms.

They opened fire and the bolters began to spread the inferno across the field.

A lot of bolter’s shells impacted in the creature but no one penetrated the skin. The beast then started to change its color and took the color of the sandstorms and the sandstorm rose in strength, as if the creature knew it or even control it and then, he get inside the sand and charge against the pack.

‘Fenris Hjolda!’ shouted the hunters at one voice while they unsheathe their axes, swords and lances.

The creature charged against them from down theirs feet. Örnen was the first to be thrown up some meters, hurled across an old structure.

Pair of his ribs were broken but that was nothing for a Vlka Fenryka. As long as he landed he get up to charge but he noticed that particularly this skin’s monster was too rough, too strong.

There were no power weapons on the pack that could facilitate the killing so the fight would be rough.

It was when Gendir Stoneribs, the leader of the pack, threw his axe to the creature’s head that Örnen understood the way for killing it. The axe crashed across the eye of the creature and blood began to spread.

In an act of desesperation, the creature shaked his head trying to throw off  Gendir’s Axe. Örnen unholster his bolter and waited.

In that moment, all things seemed to be slowly. Slower than the normal flow of time. His two hearts started to pump blood faster than before, his eyes seemed to look farther and deeply; the smell of chameleon’s blood penetrated deeply among his nostrils and the whining of the beast get hardly and deeply inside his head.

He placed his finger in the trigger and waited for the exactly moment, fighting against his inner instinct to unleash all his bolts against the beast.
Finally Gendir’s axe fall and Örnen pull the trigger.

         The flames disappear in instants.

The bodies stopped to twist and the hunters get close to cut off the head of the corpses before they could reanimate again.

The howling of the wolves echoed through the place.

+The hunt is over. +Said through the vox.

But only for today, he thought, not speaking the certain true that all the Sky Warriors know, there will be no rest, there will be no truce, and there will be only war.

Now he was older, not the youth hunter that joined the wolf scouts but still he will enjoy it, until the last of his days.  

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