"Do you ever go into a fight thinking 'There's no point giving my best, I'll get another chance later?' We only ever get one shot, Marlin. Life is one shot! Making it count is all that matters!" - Skold Greypelt, Lone Wolves - Graphic Novel, Dan Abnett & Karl Richardson

miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2014

[ENG] Some finished SW minis!

Well, I had started focusing on finishing some of my miniatures that would be essential part of my army, so here are some pics for them, They are the Wolf Guard Battle Leaders Skya and Ulf, (part of my narrative of the Harald's Army) and also here you can see also Hallfrid, one of the Rune Priest of Harald's Company (took from the codex part about Deathwolves).

Ulf is the one who has my interpretation of the Fangsword and Skya the one with the Black Death. 

For Skya's base, I used some egg package boxes; for Ulf I used a piece of Styrofoam (unicel).  And for the three of them, I used glue+sodium bicarbonate for the "snow" effect.

Sorry for the qualitu, cellphone pics. But I promise that next weekend I would make a photo session for all the minis I have finished then.